Kat Edwards

Words Tim Chivers
Image Timothy Coad

Up-and-coming Hobart muso Kat Edward’s introspective and mature sound has permeated the Hobart music scene, earning her plenty of attention since going public in 2016.

Her music comes deeply from her soul, both vulnerable and sincere. Kat draws inspiration from moments in her life and she sometimes uses music as an escape from frustration. However, her motto in life is: “Everything happens for a reason”. Music is an outlet with which she can vent her frustrations and, as a result, her creations come from a personal place. She finds difficulty in writing about unpassionate issues and prefers her music to be genuine.

“Music is all that matters at the moment,” Kat claims. Though she lives and breathes music and has little room for other passions, the singer also has a strong history with creative writing. Her first song Glory Boy is an expertly written example, laced with flawless lyricism, both intricate and infectious. Glory Boy is a bittersweet break-up ditty that marks an explosive start to Kat’s music career.

Inspired by acts such as Bon Iver, and Angus and Julia Stone, Kat’s music evokes cold imagery but feelings of warmth. Though she grew up with contemporary folk influences, similar Hobart folk musicians have reinforced Kat’s musical instincts. She names many local artists such as Christopher Coleman and Zac Henderson as people who helped her find and develop her style. Having met Zac early in her musical career, he introduced her to the musical community by offering her an open mic position in local venue Irish Murphy’s. Kat is passionate about other local musicians, citing how everyone is cool, close and co-operative, and how her fellow artists work together to create a warm and accepting environment.

Since starting, Kat has been busy writing and recording new music, and sharing it on the stage or online. The Triple J Unearthed crew quickly picked her up and her song Stranger in my Room was played on national radio last June, garnering well-deserved recognition. When asked about uploading her work online, Kat talks about the internet as a “powerful tool”.

“Before Facebook, you would have had to play around and tour everywhere. But with the click of a button, anyone can listen to you, anywhere in the world.”

In the short term, Kat hopes to play full sets on stage and independently tour around Tasmania. Ultimately, she hopes to make music for the rest of her life, seeing how far it can get her, and establishing herself so people can eventually listen and respond to her music in their own ways.

Kat is currently working on recording her first EP in the Hobart College dance studio. For this, she has lined up collaborations with Oscar Bosch and Callum Metcalfe, and she hopes to release it in this year’s spring. After playing seriously for only a short time, yet coming so far, Kat Edwards is definitely one to watch.


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