Technological Haze

Words Jaye Bowden
Image Wayne ye

Our lives have become overrun with technology in this modern age. It’s slowly consuming our ties to reality – the lines blurred by the pulsing of a machine in our warm palms; our life source.

Glance around in the street and we witness endless streams of people with heads down – eyes fixed on the flashing screens of their phones, iPads, smart watches – fingers typing furiously, ignoring the world around them. The hum of life, the technicolour of being, the wind in the trees, the roar of the ocean, the sharp hot sand between naked toes, and the soft murmur of human voices become lost in a sea of technological noise. The true meaning and depth of life, the heat of a human touch, is shrouded by the buzzing of phones in our pockets.

Children as young as toddlers are receiving iPads; families perched around restaurant tables with their mobiles out, oblivious to each other. Wedding anniversaries, relationship updates, deaths, the birth of a baby are all posted on Facebook for hundreds of friends to see. Our lives have become performances on digital screens, identities carved into our online profiles, blemishes edited out of our photos, happy-go-lucky statuses updated to hide the festering, darker realities of our own lives. We hold our phones up on public transport, at tables in cafes, and at music festivals, like a shield: defending ourselves from the surrounding world on the other side of our screens.

We should experiment with popping our phones away and chatting to someone in person, truly investing ourselves in them, noticing the way they smile crookedly, the crinkles in the corners of their eyes, their nervous energy as they tap a rhythm with their feet. We should spend more time noticing how beautiful the world can be in reality and connect with those around us before we lose touch with it entirely.

So escape the modern age of technology every once in a while, and find an appreciation for the smallest things. Cut back on your computer time and invest in experiences, in humanity, and the buzz of life. Travel, imagine, laugh, feel. Open yourself up to the world into which you were born, and embrace the wonder. Don’t be blinded by the haze that technology has created.

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