“Some situations are just plain uncomfortable. How do you say ‘No’ when you’re feeling awkward?”

Research Skylah Fisher
Illustration Taly Hamilton

Male – 24 –Hobart

In a calm, friendly, yet firm manner. But I guess it would depend on the situation and the other person involved.

Male – 17 – Hobart

‘Look mate, just nah…you know?’

Female – 17 – Sorell

By verbally saying ‘no’, or by leaving. If you can’t do either, body language can contribute to the non-verbal ‘no’.


Male – 17 – Hobart

By saying ‘no’ or getting the attention of people around you.


Female – 15 – Hobart

Me, I just say no sternly. If I’m pressed, I still say no. Running away is also a good option.


Female – 14 – Kingborough

Not say anything and just leave.


Female – 18 – Hobart

You ask them to stop what they are doing, then walk away and leave them.


Male – 19 – Hobart

‘Sorry, I’m not interested’.


Male – 19 – Hobart

‘Be strong’.


Male – 22 – Kingborough

I usually just let the situation just ride out, but sometimes I say it outright.


Female – 15 – Brighton

‘No, it’s ok, I don’t want to’.


Female – 14 – Warrane

‘No thanks, let’s do something else’.


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