What I wish I knew five years ago…

Life changes pretty quickly, don’t you think? Skylah Fisher asks a few young people a valuable question: What I wish I knew five years ago. How would you respond?


Female 23 Claremont

Don’t be afraid of letting old friends go and embracing new ones.


Male 25 Hobart

To not stress so much about the little things that won’t matter in years to come. Focus on your happiness and the happiness of those around you.


Male 20 Glenorchy

It’s not just a cliché: you really don’t sleep when you’re an adult.


Female 24 Hobart

What I wish I knew five years ago is just how important having an education is to be able to get a job and survive in the real world.


Female 21 Rosny

Five years ago, I wish I knew that selflessness is not commonly found. Not even among those people who you most expect it from. So, if you are ever lucky enough to find anyone who loves others before themselves, hold on to that person. And stand in awe of them, learn from them. Because in a lifetime you may only ever come across one.


Male 25 Moonah

I wish I knew how important saving money was. Saving money when you can will really help if your circumstances change.


Female 22 Hobart

Five years ago, I wish I knew that I needed help.


Female I 22 I Mangalore

I wish I knew that you don’t need to be 100 per cent perfect all day,every day to succeed. Perfectionism just makes you doubt your best efforts.


Female 23 Hobart

I wish I knew five years ago that it is okay to make mistakes. I wish I could go back and tell my former self that everything would be okay, that my life was exactly where it needed to be, and that making mistakes is a part of growing as a person. I wish I could tell myself five years ago that I would end up right where I was supposed to, and that I should enjoy the ride. Mostly, I wish I knew five years ago that, while life isn’t always easy, the good parts are pretty spectacular.


Female 25 Hobart

Five years ago, I wish I knew that my happiness is produced from within myself and is not reliant on toxic relationships. I wish I understood how small my world was within a small town and how much more there was to life once you have broken free. I wish I knew how important being healthy is for your future in a multitude of ways. And I wish I knew how my seemingly unimportant decisions could impact me as a person and as a lifestyle for years to come.


Male 23 Hobart

Renting might be great for your independence but living at home is better for your wallet.


Female 22 Kingston

I wish I knew that I was prone to high blood pressure at a young age and that some lifestyle choices have only worsened the situation.


Male 22 Hobart

What I wish I knew five years ago would be not to take learning and schooling for granted. Everyone hates school, and either wastes time through it or chooses the easiest route through it. [I wish I knew] to take the time and learn a trade, or take some time to seriously think of a career, considering how jobs are going and how many people only want to hire those with prior experience or trade qualifications.


Male 21 Hobart

Five years ago, I wish I knew that literally everything is a learning experience and it’s OK to fail.




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