Burger Time in Hobart Town

Art Sarah Etheridge, Words Sean Connors


Love them or hate them, they’re a reliable fast and affordable food found within the urban sprawl.

But sometimes, it can be hard to know what makes a good burger. Is it the juiciness of the patty? The melting of the cheese? The soft cushiness of the bun? The zing of the sauce? Every burger has its own uniqueness, and everyone has their own tastes.

This mystery was one that could only be solved by taking a trip to flavour town.

But tasting every burger in the City of Hobart would be a Herculean feat, albeit a tasty one. So some limits needed to be set in this postmodern odyssey.

First, I had to stick to basic hamburgers, with either the lot or upsized where possible.

Second, there has to be an option for takeaway to bring your burger with you on the go because we’re busy people with busy lives.

Third, the burgers had to be located within the center of Hobart (or at least relatively close by).

This list is not a complete or extensive one, and there are likely burgers hidden away within the odds and ends of the city that I missed on my tasty trials but all these burgers are unique in their own way, presenting something for all tastes.


The Standard

The burgers of The Standard hold true to their name in that they set the standard for what to expect from a burger. Their American style and well-balanced juiciness make it something special with each bite having a hit to it, making you want more long after the experience is over.

Verdict: The Standard Burger


Mr Burger

There is almost a kind of rough and readiness to this burger, reflecting its food van origins, but it blends all its elements together in a way to make for a scrumptious burger with a taste that pleasantly lingers. Paired with the cheese and bacon coated trucker fries, it makes for a meal that greatly satisfies any hunger.

Verdict: The Trucker Burger


Burger got Soul

The one description I came away with after consuming this burger was ‘fresh’. Really fresh. No grease from the fryer here or residual warmth from sitting under a heat lamp. All the elements of the burger come together to form this, with crunchy lettuce, lush tomato, and a sauce that really pops.

Verdict: The Freshest Burger.


Speed Feed

The burger from Speed Feed was one that perfectly balanced everything on multiple levels, equaling a burger experience that was sublime. Every bite was succulent, pulling me in and leaving me extremely satisfied with the taste sensation.

Verdict: The Succulent Burger


City Takeaway

This burger was extremely melty, yet not in a way that made the burger cumbersome to eat, or got excessive juices everywhere. The addition of a perfect runny egg helped to bring it all together.

Verdict: The Juicy Burger


Budgie Smugglers

A tasty burger in the Aussie style that had a bit of a nice crunch to it. Encased in a toasty bun, the whole flavour experience was rounded out by the addition of egg and beetroot, which brought to mind memories of summer.

Verdict: The Crunchiest Burger



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