Open letter to Older Generations

Art Jasmine Croser

Words Chelsea O’Mahoney

I often hear people say new technology is unhealthy and damaging; that it is making people less social.

I believe that this is incorrect. I feel new technology is interesting, fascinating, and helpful.

While I adore being outside and active, I’m also fond of listening to, and producing music. With the right apps and websites, I can create music that I share instantly with the world.

If the internet was not a thing, I would be more restricted in what I could achieve because I would have to master the instruments that make the sound I want. If I wanted to share those tunes with people around the world, I would somehow have to post it to them or travel there. With social media, I can improve people’s lives through entertainment.

Once I make the beats, I can share them with all my friends on social media. What’s even cooler is that I can share it with the people of the world. I have had people on the other side of the planet listen to my music. That wouldn’t have been possible if social media wasn’t a thing.

Social media gives people opportunities because other people can find and love what you do, and that makes anything possible. With social media, you can make new friends with the same interests and learn new skills from them.

This makes the world seem bigger because you realise how many people use social media and that you are only a small part of the world. It can help you understand there are a lot of people in the world just like you.

New technology and social media has made a positive impact on my life, and has given me opportunities that previous generations haven’t had. I will continue to use new technology and social media to have a positive impact on the world.

Yours sincerely,

Chelsea O’Mahoney

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