The PLATFORM Project │Faith Mathewson

This year Platform Youth Culture has collaborated with TasWriters in a creative writing opportunity designed to showcase creative pieces from talented young Tasmanians aged between 12 and 25.  As part of this project, young writes were given the opportunity to learn from and develop their creative writing skills by receiving valuable feedback for their submissions from published authors such as Kate Gordon, Christina Booth and Anne Morgan along with the opportunity to participate in a series of creative writing workshops run by Arianne James, Project Coordinator at TasWriters.

Obsidian saviour

In your dark hair I see,

the ink the spins the tales of the sea.

His iris eyes where passion flares.

He is the one to answer our prayers.

A prince of dreams and overcast nights.

The angels smile on with delight.

He is here for a mission- his task is set.

He sees through every violent threat.

He’s here.. At last.

He’s finally here!

A liberator to free every righteous heir,

With power that is fierce and fair.

A child with obsidian hair.

A blade of steel, a fountain pen,

a withered rose, a will to mend.

On this master we hang our mortal prayers

our hopes we hang on-

his dark, eclipsing hair.

Make Believe

I know a place for you and me,

where blue is brown and purple’s green.

Daydreaming of midnight flights,

where silence sings on misty nights.

Together in another land.

where sand is dirt and dirt is sand.

Where we answer to adventures call.

Where falling doesn’t hurt at all.

Where fire burns the morning dew,

in lands tinted with auburn hue.

Oh to make believe is a wondrous gift,

to live outside my own worlds rift.

Where sea serpents writhe and curl,

where cowards do not fear the world.

Where daisies dance and meadows smile,

with crickets laughing all the while.

I shouldn’t feel envy, though I do,

‘other me’… I’m.. proud of you!

And I’m happy for the new world too,

where blue is brown and brown is blue.


Kicking up stardust in a land of crimson fire,

dancing through a raging storm of twisting orange spires,

Diving into secret dunes, like fox holes in the dawn,

brighter than the sunny ember freckles you adorn.

Dusty paws and aching jaws will lead us back to land,

watch in awe-struck silence at dark skies, expansive hands.

To peer at universe’s edge for what has brought us here,

a land imbued with fire,

with myth,

mystery and fear…

Yet future places, dreams and courage dwell on rugged, arcane lands.

It’s hard to think that I to was made from these, scorching sands.

From brink of nose to tip of my toes all touched with painterly hands.

Glide with me a little while in this dreamy land of stars.

Share with me the thoughts you have.

Come bare your fears and scars.

For everything there is a place, for dreams, tales and stars-

and there’ll always be a place for you-

a place in someone’s heart.

Blue and orange dance together till the night is done

The planets sing merrily at the setting of the sun.

The morning stars timidly climb to greet the world with grace.

Yet The moon will keep her head up high till sunset shows her face.

With the rhythm in the atmosphere will your heartbeat match with mine?

I would like to know the answers to the questions my heart finds,

some I can, some I cannot, but asks of every kind-

from sunset to the sunrise. From Jupiter to Mars.

Who could be the author of the story in the stars?

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