The PLATFORM Project │Jarrah Behrmann

This year Platform Youth Culture has collaborated with TasWriters in a creative writing opportunity designed to showcase creative pieces from talented young Tasmanians aged between 12 and 25.  As part of this project, young writes were given the opportunity to learn from and develop their creative writing skills by receiving valuable feedback for their submissions from published authors such as Kate Gordon, Christina Booth and Anne Morgan along with the opportunity to participate in a series of creative writing workshops run by Arianne James, Project Coordinator at TasWriters.


Hello again dear friend,
My name is Dream
Who is Dream? Who am I?
I am you, only better
I am your life, only fixed in fate,

I am your memories
Your deepest, most sinful
Only warped and twisted
Beyond recognition
But you still do

I am terror
I am guilt
I am the curse which plagues your wicked mind
Taunting you
With the memory
Of everything that you have done

Fear me
For I am a phantom, a trick of the light
I am always here for you to rely upon
I am here, my love
In the shadows
Which are held beneath your empty eyes
Hiding in the crevices of your mind

I watch
I see your every joy and break it
Like a teacup dropped from the hand
Of a grieving mother
When sleep escapes you
I am the force
Which catches it
And holds it over your nose
Where you cannot reach

I will always be here
And you will always fall into my arms.

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