The PLATFORM Project │Sameen Faifal

This year Platform Youth Culture has collaborated with TasWriters in a creative writing opportunity designed to showcase creative pieces from talented young Tasmanians aged between 12 and 25.  As part of this project, young writes were given the opportunity to learn from and develop their creative writing skills by receiving valuable feedback for their submissions from published authors such as Kate Gordon, Christina Booth and Anne Morgan along with the opportunity to participate in a series of creative writing workshops run by Arianne James, Project Coordinator at TasWriters.


She is like a flower

Grew a garden in her mind

Even on the darkest days, she still shines and blooms

She is made up of words that not anyone can understand, her mind is a dictionary of sadness and heartache.

Her heart is a poetry book, for the hopeless

She is the prettiest song, the perfect sonnet

The most meaningful haiku, and the longest novel

It takes a while to read her seconds to love her, and a life time to forget her.


I long to balance my practical with my dreaming.

To build a narrative that’s arcs from my present to my potential.

I no longer to live in parallel worlds. I want to blend.

If my thoughts and dreams were the ocean, I’d look for where the waves meet the shore. Because that’s where dreams can meet our reality.

I want to surgically slice my thoughts so that the extra melts away, and the skeleton of practical hope remains.

I want to intentionally sow seeds of abundant love and prosperity. I’m ready to allow the forest of doubt to burn to ash.

It’s just time. Time to evolve. Time to let go. Time to build.

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