Strangers in Dark Spaces

There is nothing more invasive than having a total stranger decide that they have every right to put their hands all over your body. To touch you and ignore your attempts to fight them off as you plead for them to stop…

Open letter to Older Generations

I often hear people say new technology is unhealthy and damaging; that it is making people less social.
I believe that this is incorrect. Here’s why…


How do you feel about social media and technology? Are you keeping up or feel pressure to do so?

Random Hobart

‘Down the alleyway and through the cracks – from the dark and dingy to the beautiful’… An insight into this beautiful little city by Taly Hamilton.

Beneath the Skin

“I was 15 when I first started limiting what I ate, and even being aware of what I was eating at all. I used to eat anything without putting much thought into it. My biggest influences in changing my diet were my friends at school. They were starting to go to the gym, eat less sugary sweets from the canteen, and eating healthier foods instead”

Keep Tassie Wild

You probably know Josh Pringle’s work without even knowing his name. His Keep Tassie Wild artwork can be seen on car bumpers, jackets, t-shirts and walls around Hobart and beyond, and his distinctive style is in hot demand.

Interview with Felix Buckley

Back in December, I had a lovely little chat with a young man by the name of Felix Buckley. Felix is an eighteen year old trans-guy from the North of the state. What caught my attention about Felix was that he was an Air Force cadet, I was fascinated by his experience being gender diverse and working in the military.

Hear & Queer is here!

ABC’s Heywire put a call out to LGBTI+ young people living in regional places, wanting to hear their voices. In 2017, we responded with Hear & Queer

CAFÉ CULTURE – Café Reviews

Café Culture and the brunch experience in our quaint little town, join Jaye Bowden as she visits some of Hobart’s most tasty places for your sweet or Savoury fix!

Burger Time in Hobart Town

Burgers. Love them or hate them, they’re a reliable fast and affordable food found within the urban sprawl.
But sometimes, it can be hard to know what makes a good burger.

Dahria Smith Photography

Dahria Smith found her passion in an unlikely way, skipping English classes and sneaking into Photography. While that might not work for everyone, Dahria shares her journey towards success and her dreams for the future.