6-7 Melinda Antal Bio Photo.jpg

Melinda Antal | PLATFORM Editor| Youth Arts Officer | UTAS Fine Arts Student

Mel works with teams of young artists, writers, photographers and designers to produce PLATFORM Youth Culture Magazine. When she’s not working on Platform, she’s tinkering in her tool shed and drinking coffee in the sunshine.



Issue’s 8 + 9

6-7 Stephanie Eslake Bio Photo.jpg

Stephanie Eslake | PLATFORM Co-Editor and Mentor

Stephanie Eslake loves to learn about people and share their stories. In 2014 she founded CutCommon, an online magazine for young classical musicians. Her articles have been featured in local and national publications such as Limelight and The Mercury – and when she’s not writing, Stephanie likes to indulge in a good book and a cup of tea.


Arianne James Bio Photo.jpg

Arianne James | Psychology and Creative Writing student at UTAS

Arianne is a writer of fiction and a lover of words, books, people, long conversations, eavesdropping, music, stars, cats and many other beautiful things in between. Arianne was recently awarded a place in a Short Story Focus Week at Varuna House, an invaluable experience. She recommends applying to stay at Varuna to anyone interested in pursuing writing. Her published works include, ‘The Secret Art of Grieving’, a Collection of Micro Fiction in Other Terrain journal and ‘Prelude to the Dawn’ in Backstory journal.

6-7 Zoe Cooney Bio Photo.jpg

Zoe Cooney | Journalism, Media and Communications student at UTAS

Zoe enjoys producing content about music and entertainment, art, culture, the internet and the community. She loves music, pugs, anything to do with chocolate and you can often find her trawling through YouTube.


Taly hamilton

Taly Hamilton | Hobart College Student + Artist

Taly is an ambitious young artist seeking her dream of working in the comic industry

finnian danger

Finnian Danger 

Finnian is a youth support worker and event organiser in Hobart, namely with Queer Youth of Tas, an LGBTI group run for queer people, by queer people. He is also a radio presenter with Edge Radio. In his down time, he likes to drink coffee, freelance write, and spend an exorbitant amount of time on the internet.

6-7 Tahlia Higgins Bio Photo.jpg

Tahlia Higgins | Journalist, Southern Cross News/UTAS Graduate

Tahlia loves nothing more than being able to tell other people’s stories and to investigate/ write about social justice issues. She started her journalism career in 2016, and graduated from UTAS (majoring in Journalism, Media and Communications) in 2015. She loves being able to write and present news stories, but equally enjoys interviewing and hearing what matters to the local community the most. Another main passion is travel – and in her spare time loves a good book or Netflix binge.

6-7 Rose Castle Bio Photo.jpg

Rose Castle | Rose is a 14 year old student, who enjoys reading, drawing and Debating.

When she leaves school she aspires to live in a large black castle with 72 cats

Michael Stratford Hutch Bio Photo.jpg

Michael Stratford Hutch | Writer and Artist

Michael Stratford Hutch (19, they/them) is an emerging artist living and working in Hobart, Tasmania. They are passionate about Tasmania and opportunities for Tasmania’s young people. They are currently involved in a number of community-based organisations such as UN Youth Australia and The Story Island Project.

 Jaye Bowden Bio Pic

Jaye Bowden | Independent Writer and Creative

Freelance writer in love with traipsing through wild forests, boogying to groovy music, cuddling sweet dogs and over indulging on vegan pizza and red wine. Forever wishing for a world filled with more equality, laughter and open-mindedness.

6-7 Grace Williams Bio photo.jpg

Grace Williams | Social Activist, Writer and Student of Law, Economics and Philosophy at the University of Tasmania.

Grace likes puppies and flowers.

 Tim Chivers Bio Photo.png

Timothy Chivers | Musician, Writer and student at UTAS

Tim is a writer, music producer and singer songwriter currently studying music technology at the UTAS Conservatorium of Music.

Steffi Kokkoris Bio Photo.jpg

Steffi Kokkoris | Freelance Writer

Steffi loves soccer, athletics, listening to music and hanging with her friends. One morning, reluctant to get out of bed, Steffi said she was “Experiencing technical difficulties”.

Skylah Fisher bio photo.jpg

Skylah Fisher | UTAS Masters Student

Skylah is really passionate about the art of hand embroidery. She loves to do embroidery and other crafty things when she’s feeling really overwhelmed -it‘s her way of zoning out and staying happy.

Edward R Williams bio photo.jpg

Edward R Williams | Film maker

I make films.  Since starting, I have learned a lot about myself, one thing of many is that I’m starting to feel less bothered by the way others percieve me.  The only bit of advice I feel confident in giving, is that when creating any art, be sincere, to yourself and to the subject.  It brings me so much joy to create and to see the creations of others.

Jess Schiro Bio Photo.jpg

Jess Schiro | Journalism Graduate

I am a Journalism graduate who loves coffee, foreign films and trashy gossip mags. In that order.

 Edon Costello Profile Picture.jpg

Edon Costello| Musician + Writing Student at Elizabeth College

Edon is a musician and creative writer, studying at Elizabeth College. She’s a lover of any good music or book, regardless of genre. Edon studies Euphonium and Trombone, but really enjoys singing and playing guitar in her down time. She’s also a renowned slob and will be in her pjs anytime she’s not in public.


Photographers + Artists

Wayne ye Bio Photo.jpg

Wayne Ye | Science Student at UTAS + Photographer

“I am a nerd, and I am bored, and I am awkward, but sometimes, only sometimes though, I do have a rapid-fire mind pace” – Wayne.


Yasmin Donnelly Bio Photo11.jpg

Yasmin Donnelly | Creative Artist

Yasmin is a Tasmanian artist/creator who works predominantly in drawing, painting, photography and video.

Print Designers for Issue 8

foundry crew.jpg

Harrison Tew, Zoe Rose, Sarah Clark | Students at FOUNDRY

Harrison, Zoe and Sarah were responsible for the design of Issue 8 themed ‘Lemonade Vacation’. The print edition is a reflection of their personal design aesthetic and styles coming together to form the final publication. With 5000 copies distributed nation wide, be sure to lookout for a copy of their marvellous work in a café near you.