This years YAS team conducted a survey to find out what issues are most important to young people in Hobart today.

What I wish I knew five years ago…

Life changes pretty quickly, don’t you think? Skylah Fisher asks a few young people a valuable question: What I wish I knew five years ago. How would you respond?

Bullying is extra baggage

Bullying – whether you are a victim, a witness or maybe even an unintentional perpetrator – is something too many of us face.

The Lightest Shades

Madelena is a young indie pop artist with a jazz voice background and a sweet, genuine song-writing tone

A night at Faux Mo with Arianne James

Setting the mood for the festive time ahead: PLATFORM Youth Culture Magazine writer and sub-editor Arianne James describes her first encounter of FAUX MO, the MONA FOMA after party.

Rhona MacTavish

Rhona’s drawings are intimate and beautifully invasive pictures, giving us a glimpse into the vulnerable, hidden sides of the people she chooses to draw.

Rhiannon Bryce

We chat with emerging street artist Rhiannon Bryce who tells us, “Confidence is a huge thing! It’s like building up a muscle, the more you do, the better you get at it!”

Poetry from Tess Harkin

Two beautifully poetic pieces submitted by Tess Harkin, ‘Setting Sun’ and ‘Bird’…


Evangeline Drinnan’s creative response to ‘The Secret River’ by Kate Grenville.