The LoFi PANDEMIC Series ep#5 Solomon Smith

Solomon Smith: Gaming, Autism and Connection Joel Imber has a hilarious chat with Solomon Smith, a long-time Youth ARC living legend and one of the youth centre’s most iconic regulars! As an autistic person, Solomon is really passionate about raising awareness for autism. An incredibly giving and thoughtful young individual, this chat is one not…

The LoFi PANDEMIC Series ep#4 Will Joseph Videography

Will joseph ISHIKI + videography + music + dreams Will is an inspiring young, creative, film-hustling dude. Joel and Mel caught up with this vibrant young videographer, filmmaker and aspiring musician in the online world. It’s been a few years since Will’s last digital exhibition at our Substation Art Gallery, but boy has he been…

The LoFi PANDEMIC Series ep#3 Literary Caylee Tierney

Caylee Tierney Writer, creative and soon-to-be DOCTOR of words and children’s stories! Caylee came to Youth ARC a couple of years ago to get involved with PLATFORM Magazine and in doing so, ended up designing and writing for Issue 11 and the upcoming edition 12 in the magazine series. Mel and Joel talk to young…

The LoFi PANDEMIC Series ep#1 Muso Tim Chivers

Musician Timothy Chivers Willis Peak After five long years since a music workshop at Youth ARC, Joel Imber reconnects with and talks to local Hobart musician Timothy Chivers about how he became the local muso hero we all love to see! Tim started with a couple of originally written and produced songs and since then,…

PLATFORM Pilot Series ep#3 Gamer Alex Ennis

Gamer Alex Ennis talks to Mel and Joel from Youth ARC about gaming, tech, gender, and the darkside of online gaming, breaking stereotypes and opening our minds to the world of fluid thinking and online gaming… Whether you’re into ‘adventure’, ‘shoot em up’ or some other gaming genre, this podcast is bound be insightful.

PLATFORM Youth and Creative Culture projects

The City of Hobart is looking for creatives aged 12 to 25 interested in contributing to a number of new and exciting creative opportunities that celebrate the skill, passion and creativity of young people in our community. Works will complement the inaugural Hobart Current exhibition, Liberty 2020, through a program of diverse community activities in…

PLATFORM Pilot Series ep#1 Musician Bryce Tilyard

Joel Imber and Mel Antal chat to local singer songwriter and emerging musician Bryce Tilyard. Bryce talks about his music inspirations and gives us a quick lesson in creating music on the spot!


Whenever I see the words ‘body image’ and ‘positivity’ together I have a tendency to switch off. Originally this was because I was confident it didn’t apply to me – I didn’t have issues with how I looked. But more recently, it’s because I’ve become increasingly aware that ‘loving your body’ is so much easier said than done, especially when the people saying it appear to have already reached the goal. It sort of feels like someone

Embracing the beautiful unknown

These days there’s an obsession with needing to find out the “unknown” in our lives. When will I have my dream job? When will I build/buy my first home? When will I be getting married or having kids? When will I be able to afford my dream holiday?