Young nipaluna Episode #4 Tasha Mathews.

In this episode Nunami is joined by Tasha Mathews who tells us about her new journey into preparing for university study as well as her experience of the Youth Arc space. Tasha reflects upon the importance of accessible, safe and engaging spaces for young people here in nipaluna/ Hobart. Tasha speaks to us about growing up around nipaluna and her work with SEED which is the the national indigenous youth climate action group. We also talk about the theme, ‘Heal Country’ along with the healing she gets from time alone on country and what NAIDOC means to her.

Young nipaluna is a series of podcasts featuring the stories of young Aboriginal people across Hobart. This series gives these inspiring young people an opportunity to share their experiences of this city as well as their thoughts on NAIDOC week and this year’s theme ‘Heal Country’.

Contributors to these podcasts include young Aboriginal people living, studying and working in the city and their stories highlight the importance of community gatherings, language revival and use, the need to amplify the younger generation’s voice and the necessity of Aboriginal land control and ownership.

Podcast presented by Nunami Sculthorpe-Green, on behalf of the City of Hobart’s Youth Arts and Recreation Centre in partnership with ABC Radio Hobart.

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