Young nipaluna Episode #5 Tom Theissen-Delaney

This time on Young nipaluna, Nunami talks to Tom Theissen-Delaney an Aboriginal agricultural science student at the University of Tasmania. Tom shares his knowledge of agricultural science, his learnings thus far at University and about his work in seed harvesting and crop research. Tom tells us about his hopes for future study incorporating more indigenous knowledge and we hear about the links between healthy culture and country. Tom also speaks about his time with the SEED mob and the things he misses about NAIDOC week in Queensland while living here in nipaluna.

Young nipaluna is a series of podcasts featuring the stories of young Aboriginal people across Hobart. This series gives these inspiring young people an opportunity to share their experiences of this city as well as their thoughts on NAIDOC week and this year’s theme ‘Heal Country’.

Contributors to these podcasts include young Aboriginal people living, studying and working in the city and their stories highlight the importance of community gatherings, language revival and use, the need to amplify the younger generation’s voice and the necessity of Aboriginal land control and ownership.

Podcast presented by Nunami Sculthorpe-Green, on behalf of the City of Hobart’s Youth Arts and Recreation Centre in partnership with ABC Radio Hobart

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