The LoFi PANDEMIC Series ep#14 Celeste Meincke Singer Songwriter

Joel Imber catches up with a beautiful Hobart based singer/songwriter Celeste Meincke. Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and tune in for a chat about all things music with these two cool cats!

What’s your earliest music memory?

In terms of career wise it was playing a Youth ARC gig at Franklin Square a few years ago.
I feel like my first ever proper song I wrote in College was called “Everlasting Winter” and there was a guy that came in the music department and did a little video for us and I just played it out in the bush. That music video for me felt really consolidating on the process of writing a song and showing it the way I wanted it to be portrayed. It really helped me gain the confidence to believe I could peruse music.

Did you have any mentors that helped with your music?

I did actually. I found this beautiful lady on Gumtree called Urshula Leung who is a singing teacher and songwriter. I would just go to her beautiful house each week for lessons and she would just pour all her knowledge and support into me and I feel so grateful I was able to connect with her.
She taught me how to use my voice and also stage presence on how to perform.

Tell me about your band?

So after College I went to the Con for a year and I did the singer songwriter course there. The most positive thing I got out of it was meeting musicians and seeing their willingness to want to collaborate and doing so.

There have been a few songs I wrote just by myself and they have stayed pretty much themselves. But there also new songs which I’ve brought to the band and we’ve work shopped together which have been really cool. Also, when we take them to recording there’s usually new chops and changes.
When you’re writing songs what comes first, the guitar or the lyrics?

I think for the most part guitar chords first. It feels a little bit harder for me to put a melody onto a guitar progression. Then I just come up with a melody from that.

Did you write much music during Covid-19 lockdown?

I moved to Clifton form the city and I’ve kinda just lapped that up! I’ve been getting some nature time because I was going a bit stir crazy from living in town (haha).
I’ve been doing a bit of writing too, I’ve actually been writing a grant that took up a lot of time. Also giving a few singing lessons to little girls down here which has been fun. No one’s been going out in the community much so I just go over to their house and do singing vocal exercises and songs that they like.

Tell us about your new album?

That began in 2018 in Winter and it took us nearly a year to do. We released it in September 2019. I wrote a few new songs for it over that time too. I’m glad I didn’t rush it! Part of me was just saying “get it out” but another part of me was really wanting to take my time.

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