Brought to you by the City of Hobart’s Youth Arts & Recreation Centre in collaboration with young people aged 12 to 25 from the community

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Series 2: The LoFi PANDEMIC episodes

This LoFi PANDEMIC Series was created remotely, during Covid to explore youth culture throughout the pandemic and lockdown restrictions. We spoke to incredibly resilient, creative and inspiring young people about their passions and how they spent their time throughout the historical time. We called it LoFi because you get to enjoy the crackles, glitches and tinny sounds of a good old home-style recording!

Episode 17 Amara Grantz: Join us for the last podcast episode in our “LoFi Pandemic Series” before we return to the recording studio for fresh new projects. In this final podcast, our resident legend Joel Imber chats to an incredibly inspiring, rising star Amara Grantz, who is taking the arts-animation world by storm!

Episode 16 Jiemba Sands: Joel catches up with viral sensation Jiemba Sands to talk about his overnight rise to fame which you can imagine, wasn’t easy!!! Jiemba is an old Youth ARC regular with multi-talented skills as an athlete, gymnast, martial artist, stuntman and circus performer who loves making films. He’s been working towards going viral for years!  

What was it that flipped the switch on it all?! Quite literally, a simple flip over a fence!! That video was taken up by over 200,000 followers in just one day! Have a listen and find out more about this amazing young Tasmanian and be sure to check out his Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWe8lKOomEY

Episode 15 Allan McConnell & Close Counters: Our lovely hosts Joel Imber and Mel Antal kick-off this incredibly exciting and extra-special length podcast with Tassie born Allan McConnell from Close Counters. As an electronic duo with an emphasis on dance, soul, jazz and funk, Allan McConnell and Finn Rees are now making serious waves on the global music scene!

Episode 14 Celeste Meincke Singer Songwriter: Joel Imber catches up with a beautiful Hobart based singer/songwriter Celeste Meincke. Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and tune in for a chat about all things music with these two cool cats!

Episode 13 Koh-Dee Music Producer: In this podcast our very own hosts Joel Imber and Mel Antal are joined by the incredibly talented young music producer Cody Webberley aka ‘Koh-dee’. We learn about the journey and career path for a young music producer based in Hobart, and the hopes and dreams that await!

Episode 12 YAC West Tamar: Joel Imber catches up with folks from the top of Tassie! In this episode Joel chats to West Tamar’s Youth Development Officer Andy Beeston and two of their Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) members, Cooper Mckercher and Jacinta Antoniazzi to talk about youth related issues. This podcast delves into Youth Program Operations in the West Tamar region to explore how young people keep connected in remote areas, harnessing opportunities around them!

Episode 11 Malachai Latte: Tasmanian artist and illustrator ‘Malachai Latte’ discusses her love for creating art with Joel delving into the realm of creativity and expression through her works that she creates. Malachai shares her journey through her own progression in style development and connecting with others through the online world.

Episode 10 Zac Henderson: Zac has been an active young musician in the Tasmanian music scene for a number of years. He started out playing his Dad’s acoustic guitar and learning the basics, then went on to create his own band and develop his own unique style of songwriting.   

Joel and Zac talk all things music, exchanging musical stories and sharing their musical influences, aspirations and common goals!

Episode 9 Jess Murray: Filmmaker, animator, illustrator. The last time we caught up with Jess was at their incredible art exhibition at Youth ARC. Jess also featured in PLATFORM Magazine with their comic series featuring words from Tim Logan called Moments of Clarity. The entire series is beautiful, addressing existentialist woes of the human conundrum poetically with a gentle humour that oozes awareness and empathy. Mel and Joel have a quick chat with this cool cat to see what film school in Sydney has been like, what they’re up to in the Covid world and what the future holds for this exciting individual!

Episode 8 Tarik Stoneman Chase City: It’s been a few years since we had the pleasure of speaking to Chase City band member Tarik Stoneman. In this episode Mel and Joel reconnect with Tarik and find out what Chase City have been up to over the last five years! Their sound has changed phenomenally with the release of a new amazing electronic-flavoured track called ‘Liberty’. Tarik shares stories about iso life as a muso, and what the future looks like for him and his incredible posse!

For more info visit: https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/chase-city

Episode 7 Zack Licitis: Tune in with us as we talk to Zack Licitis about his dance journey through earlier days of learning Hip Hop dance at Youth ARC from Fabrice, all the way to now residing in Melbourne and continuing his dance passions.   Zack is an ambitious and driven young person who came to Youth ARC for many years and was always a fantastic human who would bring a tonne positive vibes and encouragement to those around him. Joel, Mel and Zack discuss how to do the robot and encourage people to try something new!

Episode 6 Callum Ball: Callum Ball is an up and coming young Tasmanian music producer specializing in Hip Hop production. He has been busy working on a range of album recording projects including works from Tasmanian rappers “Dunn D” and “Promise”.   Callum describes his journey from starting out as a young beat maker with friends making a mix of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and Hip Hop beats to taking the plunge and becoming a full time producer.   Joel and Callum talk all things music, hip hop and what to expect from an emerging young music scene…

Episode 5 Solomon Smith: Joel Imber has a hilarious chat with Solomon Smith, a long-time Youth ARC living legend and one of the youth centre’s most iconic regulars!

Episode 4 Will Joseph Videograper: Joel and Mel catchup with vibrant young videographer, film-maker and aspiring musician Will Joseph. It’s been a few years since Will’s last digital exhibition at our Substation Art Gallery, but boy has he been movin’ and shakin’ since! We find 23yr old Will in Melbourne chatting from an incredible production warehouse! Tune in for contagious energy and smiles…

Episode 3 Literary Caylee Tierney: Mel and Joel talk to young literary extraordinaire and PhD student Caylee Tierney. Is Caylee the next J.K Rowling?!? Time will tell, but this gal is definitely one to watch out for in all good bookstores coming soon to a space near you…

Episode 2 Young Musician Zena Mohamad: Joel Imber talks to aspiring and incredibly talented young musician Zena Mohamad about all things music and her awesome band, Squid Fishing. This is one not to miss! Be sure to checkout their fan page at https://www.facebook.com/SquidFishingMusic/

Episode 1 Local Hobart Muso Timothy Chivers: Joel Imber talks to local Hobart musician and talent, Timothy Chivers about how he became the local muso we all love to see!

PLATFORM Series 1: The Pilot Episodes

Episode 1 Musician Bryce Tilyard: A little chat and some musical show and tell with the amazing Bryce Tilyard! Joel Imber and Mel Antal chat to local singer songwriter and emerging musician Bryce Tilyard who talks about his music inspirations and gives us a quick lesson in creating music on the spot!

Episode 2 Mentalist Kassim Beydoun: Joel Imber and Mel Antal from Youth ARC become spellbound and captivated by young Mentalist + Magician Kassim Beydoun! Listen in to get a glimpse of this mesmerizing talent!

Episode 3 Gamer Alex Ennis: Gamer Alex Ennis talks to Mel and Joel from Youth ARC about gaming, tech, gender, and the darkside of online gaming, breaking stereotypes and opening our minds to the world of fluid thinking and online gaming… Whether you’re into ‘adventure’, ‘shoot em up’ or some other gaming genre, this podcast is bound be insightful.