Poetry from Tess Harkin

Two beautifully poetic pieces submitted by Tess Harkin, ‘Setting Sun’ and ‘Bird’…


Evangeline Drinnan’s creative response to ‘The Secret River’ by Kate Grenville.

Writer’s Block

A wonderful creative story submission from our youngest writer, Steffi Kokkoris.


Popular culture is on the rise. From superhero movies to the mobile game Pokemon Go, it is almost impossible to go out and not see how pop culture has influenced society today.


“The first time I felt like I had words to describe my gender accurately was when I was 17 years old – almost at the end of my secondary education…”

The Exchange Program

Johanna writes a fictional story about her real friend Laura. However, Laura is a real French exchange student, loves the state and Elizabeth College – and has an obsession with Tim Tams.

Project: ART HOUSE

An entirely youth run exhibition that compromised site-specific artworks, by emerging curator Sophie Ambler.

Emma Magnusson-Reid

“Absurdity is magic, and it’s beautiful. We have to laugh at things and how ridiculous it all is.”

Fiona Collins, life of a mini violonist

Fiona picked up violin naturally from a very young age, as her mother is a violinist with the strings and orchestra at the UTAS Conservatorium of music, while her father is acclaimed conductor Johannes Fritzsch

Technological Haze

Our lives have become overrun with technology in this modern age. It’s slowly consuming our ties to reality – the lines blurred by the pulsing of a machine in our warm palms; our life source.”

Vandy Kanneh

Vandy Kanneh is a 19-year-old athlete living in Hobart. He was born in war-torn Liberia before moving to the neighbouring country of Ghana, West Africa, at the age of one.