Theresa Chisholm

Tess is 23 years old and was a university student before embarking on her super-sleuth career path. She got into private investigation serendipitously…


“Some situations are just plain uncomfortable. How do you say ‘No’ when you’re feeling awkward?”

Kat Edwards

Up-and-coming Hobart muso Kat Edward’s introspective and mature sound has permeated the Hobart music scene. Her music comes deeply from her soul, both vulnerable and sincere.

Taly Hamilton

“Goddesses are imperfect in a different kind of way. Goddesses are imperfect in the way that they’re going to burn your village down”

Christopher Leon

Not many people would consider music to be a science. However, Christopher Leon has taught me otherwise.

Mintie and Riley

The stars aligned when 16-year-old Minseo ‘Mintie’ Cho and 15-year-old Riley Allardice started playing music together in their grade nine music class.

Looking for Jane

Jane was in the foster care system until turning 18 and now her ultimate goal is to make a difference to the lives of others following in her steps.